The Austrian Economics model influences and informs Aletheia Capital (Hong Kong) Limited's strategic thinking and provides a unique framework for its economic analysis.

We explore areas where others fear to tread, giving particular attention to credit cycles, profit cycles and cash flows.

We conduct all our research within a sound, disciplined analytical framework.


Freedom is of utmost importance to those from the Austrian School of Economics: Economies work more efficiently and effectively when companies and individuals are free from excessive interference by government and special interest groups.

Aletheia Capital (Hong Kong) Ltd also holds freedom close to its heart.

With no links to an investment bank or fund manager, we have no sell-side bias or deal-based agenda. Aletheia Capital (Hong Kong) Ltd is therefore free to speak with complete honesty and integrity.

We pride ourselves in pushing the envelope, challenging our readers to think beyond the herd of consensus. Our goal is to help our clients make the most informed decisions possible by providing them with alternative insights from every angle.

With the depth of our coverage and the freedom to call it as we see it, Aletheia Capital (Hong Kong) Ltd is a truly unique independent investment research house.